1. Exchange rate conversion interface.

1.1.1 Request parameters

1.1.2 Request method:Form post method to submit order parameter information.

1.1.3 Request URL:Get it from My Profile.

Parameter Name Description Requires
email String(5-50), Your login email account. Yes
from String(3), Currency code. Yes
to String(3), Currency code. Yes
signature String(10-255), Digital encryption signature. Yes

1.2.1 Response JSON.

1.2.2 {"code":"00","message":"Query success.","data":{"from":"USD","to":"EUR","exchangeRate":"0.946677"}}

Parameter Name Description Requires
code String(2-10) Yes
message String(1-255) Yes
data String(1-100) Yes
from String(0-3) Yes
to String(0-3) Yes
exchangeRate String(0-15) Yes
2. The signature encryption rule.

You can select the SHA256 or MD5 encryption mode based on your requirements. After logging in to the system, you can change the encryption mode. By default, the SHA256 encryption mode is selected.

Exchange rate conversion: signature=SHA256(email+from+to+key); or signature=MD5(email+from+to+key);

For example: